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FILMOGRAFIA: David Fincher

David Fincher
DATA DI NASCITA: 28/08/1962
LUOGO DI NASCITA: Denver, Colorado, USA
PROFESSIONE: Regista, Produttore, Sceneggiatore, Attore


(2011) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
(2010) Heavy Metal
(2010) The Social Network
(2008) Il curioso caso di Benjamin Button
(2007) Zodiac
(2006) George Michael: Twenty Five (Video)
(2005) Video Hits: Paula Abdul (Video: "Straight Up", "Forever Your Girl", "Cold Hearted")
(2002) Panic Room
(1999) Madonna: The Video Collection 93:99 (Video: "Bad Girl")
(1999) Fight Club
(1999) Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael (Video: "Freedom '90")
(1997) The game - Nessuna regola
(1994) The Best of Sting: Fields of Gold 1984-1994 (Video: "Englishman In New York")
(1994) Aerosmith: Big Ones You Can Look at (Video)
(1993) Dangerous: The Short Films (Video: "Who Is It")
(1992) Alien 3
(1990) Madonna: The Immaculate Collection (Video: "Express Yourself", "Oh Father", "Vogue")
(1985) The Beat of the Live Drum


(2010) Heavy Metal - Produttore
(2006) Love and Other Disasters - Produttore esecutivo
(2005) Lords of Dogtown - Produttore esecutivo
(2002) Ticker - Produttore esecutivo
(2001) Powder Keg - Produttore esecutivo
(2001) Star - Produttore esecutivo
(2001) The Car Thief and the Hit Man - Produttore esecutivo (Non Accreditato)
(2001) The Follow - Produttore esecutivo
(2001) Chosen - Produttore esecutivo
(2001) Ambush - Produttore esecutivo


(2002) Beat the Devil


(1984) Bop Til You Drop - Rick Springfield
(1985) Dance This World Away - Rick Springfield
(1985) Celebrate Youth -Rick Springfield
(1985)Shame - The Motels
(1986)All The Love - The Outfield
(1986)Every Time You Cry - The Outfield
(1986)One Simple Thing - Stabilizers
(1987)She Comes On - Wire Train
(1987)Should She Cry - Wire Train
(1987)Endless Nights - Eddie Money
(1987)Downtown Train - Patty Smith
(1987)I Don't Mind At All - Bourgeois Tagg
(1987)Notorious - Loverboy
(1987)Love Will Rise Again - Loverboy
(1987)Johnny B - The Hooters
(1987)Storybook Story - Mark Knopfler
(1987)Can I Hold You - Colin Hay
(1987)No Surrender - The Outfield
(1987)Say You Will - Foreigner
(1987)Don't Tell Me The Time - Martha Davis
(1988)Tell It To the Moon - Martha Davis
(1988)Heart of Gold - Johnny Hates Jazz
(1988)Englishman in New York - Sting
(1988)Shattered Dreams (second version) - Johnny Hates Jazz
(1988)Get Rhythm - Ry Cooder
(1988)Most of All - Jody Watley
(1988)Roll With It - Steve Winwood
(1988)The Way That You Love Me (first version) - Paula Abdul
(1988)Holding On - Steve Winwood
(1989)Heart - Neneh Cherry
(1989)Bamboleo (second version) - Gypsy Kings
(1989)Straight Up - Paula Abdul (1989)Most Of All Jody Watley
(1989)Real Love - Jody Watley
(1989)Bamboleo (third version) - Gypsy Kings
(1989)She's A Mystery To Me - Roy Orbison
(1989)Forever Your Girl - Paula Abdul
(1989)Express Yourself - Madonna
(1989)The End Of The Innocence - Don Henley
(1989)Cold Hearted - Paula Abdul
(1989)Oh Father - Madonna
(1989)Janie's Got a Gun - Aerosmith
(1989)Vogue - Madonna
(1990)Cradle of Love - BillyIdol
(1990)Opposites Attract - Paula Abdul
(1990)L.A. Woman - Billy Idol
(1990)Freedom! '90 - George Michael
(1992)Who Is It - Michael Jackson
(1993)Bad Girl - Madonna
(1993)Who Is It? (second version) - Michael Jackson
(1994)Love Is Strong - The Rolling Stones
(1994)6th Avenue Heartache - The Wallflowers
(2000)Judith - A Perfect Circle
(2005)Only - Nine Inch Nails

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